Here's what people are saying about their Kitchen Table experiences

Reviews have been pouring in and we can't help but share a few of our favorites!


"This app is so great for meeting new people -- way better than Tinder if you're single. But seriously, there is no better way to take a moment out of every day life and connect over food..." - DiscoMondays


"Restaurants are so 20th century, in comparison to the app that brings you into people's homes to learn, live, make friends, and more importantly -- eat."
- SustainKay


"I just posted my first event to this app and was so impressed with the user experience. I'm even more impressed and excited about the concept itself - the idea of bringing people together around food, the metaphor of the kitchen table, and the white space to customize each meal. Everyone should be using this app to host old friends, meet new ones and make and eat great food in the process."
- SeasonedCritic

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