Diner Melissa Found Her Roommate At A Kitchen Table

True Story:
I Found My Roommate By Dining With Kitchen Table App!

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 2.58.25 PM.png

Meet Melissa, a regular diner on Kitchen Table App. She recently moved from New York City to LA for work, and has found that Kitchen Table App is her favorite way to meet new friends and make genuine connections.

Melissa's first Kitchen Table App was our Friendsgiving in November. She came to another, and another... and by the third Kitchen Table, she found her new roommate!


Melissa says: "I love that the app allows me to meet new people who have a strong interest in cooking and enjoying the social aspect that comes with cooking, prepping, and enjoying a meal. I've met so many great people and felt like I was surrounded by family at Kitchen Table events. The app creates a feeling of community--something which has helped me avoid feeling lonely in an otherwise spread out city."

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