Join Sexy Dinner Club for a Plant-Based Dining Experience

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"I've always been excited to create ambiance with music, lighting, and most importantly—people. We have never felt like our meals and events are a product. Our dinners are an opportunity to love and connect with others." —Host Ryan Matteson

Ryan created Sexy Lunch Club to bring flavorful, farm-nurtured, and plant-based food to the lunch crowd of Downtown LA. Now he's bringing their signature dishes to the dinner table—with Sexy Dinner Club! Meet fellow Angelenos, sip cocktails, and enjoy a beautifully-crafted dining experience in LA's Historic Core. Join Ryan Feb 9 in Downtown LA for Sexy Dinner Club. Read more here

Join Designer & Host Parisa for a Persian Feast

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"I love the entire process of hosting... most of all, the sound of laughter and the active banter when my tables are filled with happy, vibrant guests who show their love and appreciation for the food, the ambiance, and the wonderful connections my guests are making with other diners."

Designer and creator of the lifestyle brand Savage Muse, Parisa Parnian, loves bringing memorable dining experiences to the community table. What started as a way to introduce the soul-warming Persian cuisine she grew up with to friends and neighbors quickly turned into a passion for creating long, multi-course dinners that allow her guests to slow down and connect with one another. Read more here.